Automatic Panel Saw

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– EASY-TO-USE A winning mix between the practicalness of a technological
panel saw and the investment competitivity
– FLEXIBILITY AND CUSTOMISATION thanks to a rich standard equipment and a
wide choice of options
– INTEGRATION IN THE NETLINE PROCESS which manages the Design, the
Programming and the furniture automatic Production in all machining
phases: Sizing, Edge banding, Boring-routing

Blade projection : mm 110
Worktable height : mm 950
Standard clamps : qty 6

Version 32 (opt) mm : 3200×3200

Variable saw carriage speed : m/min 70 –  135
Variable pusher speed (**) : m/min 38

Motor power (S6 -40%) – 50hz : kW (Hp) 9 (12)
Rotating speed – 50 hz : rpm 3900
Blade diameter :  mm 400
Blade shaft diameter : mm 80

Motor power – 50 hz : kW (Hp) 1,8 (2,5)
Rotating speed – 50 hz : rpm 6300
Scoring saw blade diameter : mm 160
Scoring blade shaft diameter : mm 55

Installed motor power : kW 14÷21
Basic machine voltage : EU(400 V / 50 hz)
Compressed air consumption : NL/min 300
Requested operating pressure : bar 7
Extraction flow rate : m3/h 4060
Exhaust speed : m/sec 20
Exhaust outlet diameter : mm 3×120 + 1×150

(**) N.B. For CE-Countries the forward feed speed pusher is limited to 24m/min

Automatic horizontal high performance panel saws controlled by PC/PLC control
system, designed to cut to size solid wood panels, chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer
panels, plywood panels and fiber panels.

Base and working table
– base with tubular steel structure
– worktable in reinforced ribbed steel and bakelite coated
– squaring fence located on the left side

Steel saw blade carriage
complete with
– 1 motor for the main saw blade and 1 motor for scoring blade
– vertical saw blade raising on prismatic guideways and recirculating ball screw
– sliding wheels in hardened and ground steel
– massbalancing to guarantee perfect cutting finish
– stroke against the squaring fence
– saw carriage driven by rack and pinion

Pressure beam
– pressure beam with even pressure on entire cutting length, equipped with slots to
eliminate the interference zone with the clamps ; pneumatic vertical adjustment
with precision racks and pinions, pressure adjustable from 1,5 to 6 bar
– double dust conveying system: one on the top applied directly to the pressure beam
to keep the working table clean and one on the bottom applied to the saw carriage

Pusher and rear machine part
– power-driven pusher for the entire machine stroke with movement by a robust
torsion bar. Shaped steel beams on “H” support for pusher movement. Sliding
takes place on 2 precision pinions to guarantee that the pusher and the cutting
line are constantly parallel. The pusher is driven by an inverter to allow a variable
speed positioning and quick return
– pressure adjustment for clamps locking
– rear part with tubular supports with wheels made of antiscratch material and with a
bakelite-coated table (470 mm width) positioned on the squaring fence side to
facilitate crossways cutting of thin strips.
– Grid inserts row in the rear closures positioned behind the cutting line

Control System with PC and PLC “MANAGER 100″

PC Office
– Windows XP operating system
– 17” LCD colour screen
– Qwerty keyboard
– Mobile control panel
– machine interface software: Wincut
– possibility of inserting any network card

General features of Wincut software
Machine functions
– automatic mode: execution of programs and/or lists of programs
– semiautomatic mode: execution of 4 different measurements which can be set
using the keyboard
– possibility of passing from automatic to semiautomatic mode during program
execution (for several cuts) and returning to automatic mode (continuing the
program from the point at which it was interrupted)
– Multitasking, allows programming or use of all control functions even during
– no. 5 different cutting levels: precutting/X/Y/U/V
– graphic display of cutting diagrams programmed
– maximum number of lines per program: 100
– maximum number of lines per list: 100
– maximum number of programs and lists: until hard disk memory limit is reached
(approx. 80% of hard disk capacity)
– editor for data on labels associated to each program
Run time (during machining)
– display (during machining) of cutting diagram, with indication of cuts as they are
– guided help (during machining) for the operator relative to the workpieces cut to be
– graphic display (during machining) of the current line and list
– self-diagnosis and indication of any errors or possible faults by alarm messages
– tips on recommended action (with possibility of entering further observation for each
type of alarm)
– debugger input/output
Production report:
– indication of daily production, with all relevant data (machining start and end
times, surface area and volume of material machined) stored on the hard disk
– files in perfect cut format
Language and unit of measurement
– operator interface in: italian, french, english, spanish
– unit of measurement: millimetres – tenths or inches-thousandths
The description of the control system includes functions which are present only with a
suitable panel saw mechanical or electrical set up. As a result the label data editor in
each program is present only with the relative optional devices, shown in the price
list, selected on the machine

– safety enclosures fixed to the machine
– electrical board with high safety features, complete with:
* dust-proof cabinet with padlockable main switch
* overload motor protection
* auxiliary low voltage circuit (110 v) for the commands, the electronic controls
and low voltage signals
* safety microswitch on blade access door
– emergency bar on cutting line
– front safety protection with plastic fingers with compass movement