Double Spindle Multiple Rip Saw

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max. cutting depth mm. 170 sawblades mm. 350
max. cutting depth mm. 220 sawblades mm. 400
max. cutting depth mm. 250 sawblades mm. 430
digital read-out for cutting depth
*distance between two external
sawblades mm. 400
sawblades diameter min/max. 350mm./430
H=90 with 2 keyways
sawspindles lifted automatically by
two motors of HP.1 each
digital read-out on control board for
sawblades diameter
carpet entrance board mm. 500
carpet exit boards mm. 700
digital read-out for feeding speed
maximum width for passage boards mm. 800
minimum length of pieces mm. 900
pressing roller automatically by 9
independent rollers plus a wooden tablet
hydraulic feeding drive on 4 rollers
pressure near sawblades (2 before saws
2 after saws) each roller it is
directly by hydraulic pumps
electronic working system for feeding
hydraulically track by two independent
* hydraulic capacity power Kw. 30Hp. 40
automatic oil pump for lubrication
top aspirating mouth diameter mm. 300
bottom aspirating mouth diameter mm. 250
* two quills with set of spacers
spring device for frame wooden-tablet
Net weight Kg. 10.000
Dimensions: cm. L310 x W.230 X H. 217