Vollmer Automatic Face & Top Grinding Machine

Machine # EMU00145

Vollmer Automatic Face & Top Grinding Machine




Model : CHCB.20H

– High level of grinding precision

– Saw blades with diameters of up

to 810mm and tooth pitches from

7 to 100mm, and with all tooth

shapes occurring in general

application can be machined without

problems, including blades for cutting

wood, plastics, steel, non-ferrous

metals and other materials.


Blade Clamping

– The stable blade clamp grips the

saw blade firmly in position. An

optional clamping system with a wide

opening path towards the front is also

available, allowing saw blades to be

easily changed.


Top Grinding

Top grinding is possible on all tooth

shapes occurring in general application.


Face Grinding

Downtimes have been reduced to a

minimum for tooth face grinding with

a view to further reducing the work cycle.


Machine Specifications

Circular Saws

Outside diameter : from 80 to 810mm

Bore diameter : from 10 to 220mm

Blade thickness : to 5mm

Tooth pitch : from 7 to 100mm

Rake angle : from -20 deg. C to +40 deg. C

Clearance angle : from 6 deg. C to 45 deg. C

Bevel Grinding :

Tooth top : to 45 deg. C

Tooth face : to 15 deg. C

Grinding path : to 20mm

Grinding speed steeplessly adjustable : from 0,5 to 6 mm/s

Working speed : to 20 teeth /min

Grinding wheels :

Outside diameter : 125mm

Bore diameter : 32mm

Peripheral speed : 26 m/s

Delivery output coolant pump : 50 I/min

Coolant tank capacity : approx. 85 l

Connected load : approx. 1,6kw

Net weight : approx. 650 kgs

Dimensions : without enclosure 144 x 101 x 182 cm