Wide Belt Sander

Offers a wide range of solutions for all sanding operations. The machine is available in several configurations with 2,3 sanding units and independent motors where required. The many options available mean that Eurosand L can be set up for calibrating, pre-sanding, sanding and finishing of many component types including painted panels.  Eurosand L has been designed to meet the production requirements of companies demanding versatility of use.

SANDING ROLLER 320 MM DIAMETER: top quality finishing
The large diameter of the roller ensures a large contact surface with the workpiece and improved cooling of the sanding belt.

“EPICS” ELECTRONIC SECTIONAL PAD: always gives the best result
Maximum sensitivity and precision for all sanding processes even with panels where there are considerable variations in thickness due to the long stroke of the cylinder pistons and the double-acting system (pneumatically controlled push/pull).

THE REAL TIME PROGRAMMING : simple and easy to use
The wireless, high-precision electronic gauge measures the thickness of the workpiece and transmits the reading to the Hydra controller in real time. The wireless link and possibility of starting work programs directly from the gauge makes the controller simple and easy to use.

“HYDRA V-PAD” CONTROL: total machine management
LCD and touch screen display with intuitive, simple and reliable user interface. The possibility to use several working programs ensures controlling the machine is safe and easy, even for the unskilled operator.

Technical data
Working width mm 1100 1350
Min/max working thickness (mobile table) mm 4÷170
Min/max working thickness (constant pass-line) mm 4÷200
Sanding belt length (longitudinal units) mm 2620
Sanding belt width (longitudinal units) mm 1115 1370
Sanding belt length (cross unit) mm – 4900
Max motor power (longitudinal unit) kW (HP) 22 (30)