CNC Machinery Centre

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– CUSTOMISATION AND FLEXIBILITY thanks  to the wide choice of optional devices
– PERFORMANCE/OVERALL DIMENSIONS RATIO thanks to technical solutions as the bumpers safety protections and the electric cabinet inside the base
– INTEGRATION IN THE NETLINE PROCESS which manages the Design, the Programming and the furniture automatic Production in all machining phases: Sizing, Edge banding, Boring-routing

Working area along X-Y-Z  axes* : mm 3050-1300-180
Panel length (for alternated work process) :
mm 1390
Stroke along X-Y-Z axes : mm 3500-1735-250
Vectorial speed X-Y axes :  mt/min 60

No.of table–No. of suction cups for each table :
6 – 2 standard type
No. of standard stops for each table – position :
No.1 – rear
Vacuum pump : m3 100

Vertical spindles   std : No-rpm 12 (8X-5Y) – 4000
Horizontal spindles  std : No-rpm 6 (4X-2Y) 4000
Integrated blade in X : diameter mm-rpm 120 – 6000
Motor power kW (Hp) : 2,2(3)

Std. motor power – opt (S6) :
kW (Hp) 7,5(10) – 11 (15)
Max. speed : Rpm 24000
Tool changer on the carriage in X : 4 places, pneumatic

Installed motor power : KVA 23÷28,5
Compressed air consumption : NL/min 450
Exhaust air speed : m(sec 30
Extraction air consumption :  m3/hr 1900+1900 (3400)
Exhaust outlet diameter : mm 150+150 (200)
Total machine weight : Kg 3000
* X= distance between stops, Y= cutter centre reference, Z=panel clearance

CNC boring and routing centre with cantilever open structure and bar worktable, capable to carrry out:
–  vertical drillings on the panel surface
– horizontal drillings on all 4 sides
– grooving with integrated disc cutter along “X” axis
– standard routing operations

Base and working table
Steel structure with electric cabinet integrated in the base.
Available in two different lengths and equipment with standard or TV tables

Mobile upright
with welded steel plate with internal ribs structure
Bumpers safety protections

Operating group
consisting in boring head with vertical/horizontal spindles and integrated blade, plus SCM electrospindle with HSK 63F rapid tool changers.

Movement of mobile upright and operating group
Sliding along “X”, “Y” and “Z” axes of prismatic linear guides and preloaded recirculating ball bearings.
X axis movement (mobile upright) with transmission by means of rack and pinion with helicoidal teeth.
Y and Z a axis transmission through recirculating ball screws with preloaded system.
Group positioning and machine motion is carried out by means of digital brushless motors.

Control Unit designed for Boring and Routing Centres and Xylog operator interface installed on PC

-Windows XP operating system
-15″ LCD colour display
-Qwerty keyboard
-mobile control panel
-Xylog Plus interface machine software

General features of the Xylog Plus software
-parametric, graphic and ISO programming;
-import of the DXF and ASCII files;
-linear and circular interpolation on the three directions, with linear interpolation in the space and helicoidal interpolation in the selected direction;
-guided editor with graphic and syntactic help screens for boring and routing operations;
-automatic optimisation of boring and tool change cycles
-panel origin change to carry out processing of workpieces with special shapes or profiles;
-CAD/CAM Routocam (SCM) – AlphaCam complete interface.
Included accessories

– on-line calculator of computed data;
– simulated program execution;
use of bar codes with already integrated software;
– selfdiagnosis and signalling of possible errors or damages in the user’s language;
– single step operation for manual control of individual program steps;
– operator interface in user’s language
(I – GB – F – D – E);
– machining head graphic configuration;
– double override which allows to adjust the operating unit positioning speed;
– machining speed selection;
– SCM CNC – JERK function management for dinamic control of acceleations/decelerations.

Machine in conformity with the standard safety regulations according to the countries of machine destination

TECH Z2-31 B – CNC boring and routing centre N. 1
This composition include the following devices:

Remote machine control (630117)
to transfer the control commands and allows their
use next to the machine

Centralized optimized exhaust hood (630205)
Air conveyor which groups all the machine exhaust outlets and allows to connect it to the general dust collector system through one main exhaust outlet.
Inside the main dust collector are fitted pneumatic cylinders that control automatically the opening/closing of each exhaust outlet when the operating unit is switched on/off

F18 Boring head
It includes:
– no. 12 independent vertical spindles (7 right and 5 left)
– attachment for bits: M10 / 11 mm diameter
– Centre-to-centre distance between axes: 32 mm
– no. 3 horizontal double drilling heads (1+1), 2 along X and 1 along Y direction (attachment for bits: M8 / 9 mm diameter)
– rotation speed: 4.000 rpm
– no. 1 integrated blade along X axis (120 mm max. diameter)
– rotation speed: 6.000 rpm
– 2,2 kW motor power
– vertical ON/OFF stroke of whole unit: 250 mm
vertical ON/OFF stroke of each spindle: 60 mm
exhaust hood around whole perimeter (150 mm diameter)

11kW electrospindle
– HSK F 63 quick release tool-holder
– 1500-24000 rpm spindle speed
– (S6) 11 kW (11,5/15hp) constant motor power
from 12000 to 18.000 rpm
– right and left rotation

–  static inverter for continuous speed and rapid shutdown of rotation
– cooling by coaxial air flow
– exhaust hood around whole perimeter (200 mm diameter)

R8 automatic tool changer (630271)
positioned on the operating unit support beam.
It can house tools with 120mm diameter and angle-driven heads .
N.B. – Tool-holders and expansible

Automatic centralised lubrication (630134)
The correct  grease level on the machine moving parts is always mantained by means of an electronic control (X,Y,Z axis)

No. 6 TV worktables L=1300 and 12 round suction cups 120mm x 120mm (630257)

Pneum. loading assistance device for panels
L=1300mm (450302)
No. 4 pneumatic devices for loading assistance and positioning of the panels on the worktable.

Vacuumppump 100m3/h  50 hz,  110 m3/h  60 hz