Shredder RE-AS 1.600 x 2.000/4

Machine # GRI00068

Shredder RE-AS 1.600 x 2.000/4


– for crushing offcuts and strips (mostly dry)


Technical Data

Hopper inlet size : 1.600 x 2.000mm

Rotor dia. : approx. 400mm

Cutter blocks (staggered) : 172 pcs., double sided and exchangeable

Rotor speed : approx. 230rpm

Screen size : 30mm round

Infeed capacity : approx. 10 rm/h

Main drive motor : 110kw ; 1.000rpm


Equipment of the Machine

– heavy steel plate hopper for top loading waste (manual or hydraulic lid option)

– hydraulic feed ram, profiled, with synchronized load control with high speed return and twin hydraulic rams

– additional hydraulic feed ram installed in the loading area of hopper (as shown on our enclosed principle drawing)

– wear resistant tooth rails, divided equally on the rotor surface to be used on more than one side and exchangeable

– counterknife made of highly resistance special steel

– sturdy screen for re-chipping of oversized material and to produce an uniform material

– drive of rotor by rotor pulley, motor pulley, 1 set V-belts and V-belt protection

– drive of the hydraulic ram by compl. hydraulic unit

– discharge of material by mech. extraction or suction-socket

– compl. electr. switch- and control panel – Siemens SPS – incl. load depending automatical feed control of forward aggregate as well as automatical star-delta-combination for main drive motor and for hydraulics



– machine casing of heavy steel inert arc welding

– rotor bearing in oversized self-aligning roller bearings

– flange bearings of high tension steel with centering in machine casing

– without; oil-filling for hydraulic aggregate



– hydraulic moveable counter knife system to protect shredder against bigger metal parts