Multiple Boring Machine

The boring machine that carries out all boring operations, grooving and vertical routings.
Very high productivity guaranteed, no operator’s intervention for work table tooling.

boring from the top = perfect finish. The system of boring from the top uses the outside of the panel as a reference concealing defects; the result is to always move any difference in thickness to the inside of the cabinet.

automatic reading of the work piece length: perfect joints. Any discrepancy between the actual length of the panel and the one set is corrected by a precision reading laser allowing for perfect alignment.

boring and dowel insertion: the complete working cycle. No longer any waste of time due to the panel moving around the workshop, with the possibility of gluing and inserting dowels directly on the machine.

Technical data
Max. panel dimensions along X-Y-Z axes mm 3050 x 900 x 60
Min. panel dimensions along X-Y-Z axes mm 200 x 70 x 10
Max. X-Y axes speed m/min 40-40
Boring head: vertical/horizontal spindles, blade in X n. 12v/6o
Electrospindle kW (Hp)-rpm 5,5 (7,5)-18.00