Homag KL10/16/QA/S2 Edge Bander

MACHINE# GVU-05062-1
HOMATIC 1 (NC 16 Control System)

A jointing trimming unit has been positioned in front of the gluing unit in the jointing-edging Optimat for any necessary trimming, treatment
or repair work on panels whether for longitudinal or transverse processing.
2 x 3Kw
9000 min – 1
Bore 30 x 68
Max Ø150

Optimum edge quality
No need for reworking, thin, almost invisible glue joint, optimum gluing
quality due to the Top glue quick melt system
8 liter capacity
5Kw heating system
Quickly ready for operation, continuous
supply of fresh glue, energy saving.

Edging Material
NC Control of angular fence adjustment
Solid wood : 3 -20mm
Fixed lengths : 0.4 – 3.0mm
Coils : 0.3mm – 3.0mm
Workpiece size : min. 60mm x 150mm
Thickness adjustment by NC (motorise)
Workpiece thickness min 12mm x 60mm
Feed speed : min 8 – 30 min – 1
NC motorise pressure zone
1 driving pressure roller and
6 nos of fix pressure roller with air regulator

The basic equipment also includes the snipping unit for flush trimming of all
overhanging edging materials with auto resetting fom chamfer to straight cuts.
2 x 0.55Kw, 200Hz,12000 min/l

Rough trimming unit
For rough trimming the upper and lower edge overhang.
1.5kw x 2, 300Hz,18000 rpm

Profile trimming unit(Corner rounding)
For processing edge overhang, as well as leading and trailing edges.
Options : Chamfer / radius adjustment
with stepless axis or manually.
0.55Kw x 2, 200Hz, 12000rpm

Finish processing
Comprising joint scraping device for above and below on PVC edges.

Belt Sanding Unit
For sanding straight veneer and solid edges.
1 x 1.5Kw, 415V

Buffing unit above and below with oscillation
0.3Kw x 2
To smooth off edges utilizing the entire disk width.

Return feed system :
Type : TFU02

Technical data:
* buffer adjustable automatic
* jointing unit
* glue unit
* cutting unit (electronic controllable)
* flush milling unit
* copying unit (with 3x changer) + 1 spare
* flat scraping unit
* profile scraping unit
* grinding unit
* buffing unit
* Control: Homatic 2000 ES 00/NC 16