Portable Air Cleaner

• Clean air delivery rate performance of 1,500m3/h

• Purifies large sized rooms up to 30m2

• Remove airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns

• Castor wheels for easy handling

•The smallest, most poweful, most energy efficient, best value for money and ultra quiet


Size: 620mm x 520mm x 620mm Filter area: 3.66m2 Fan: 0.35kw Voltage: 220V/1/50HZ Weight: 41.5kg


Did you know that dust particles are a serious health hazard? These dust particles can accumulate in our lungs and can pose a serious threat to your health, causing asthma, cancer and other related ailments. Sawdust may be relatively harmless and can be easily removed, but it is the very fine dust that is difficult to remove; but very fine dust is difficult to remove, invisible to the naked eye and most importantly, detrimental to our health

To prevent such harmful dust emissions, it is important to use an industrial air cleaner to keep dust levels down and make sure most dust in the working areas are extracted and kept in a strong sealed container.

Lignar’s portable air cleaner does the job by filtering


1. Wood dust of:

• Beech

• Oak

• Ash

• Pine

• Spruce

• Birch


2. Toxic dust of:

• Filler

• Paint

• Lazquer

• Mold spore

• Asbestos

• Mineral fiber

• Bitumen


3. Synthetic Mineral Fiber of:

• Glass wool

• Tile Glue

• Gypsum

• Paints like latex

• Cement

• Oil based paint  and materials   containing fine dust

• Concrete