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Gannomat Selekta "252" Dowel Inserter

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Machine # MLU00301

Gannomat Selekta "252" Dowel Inserter


Complete in standard equipment with :

- Automatic dowel length and diameter control

- Fully automatic electronic control with program selector CLEANING-GLUEING-GLUEING/INSERTING

- 8 stage glue amount selector switch by time election through electronic control 

- Closed glueing system with 6 bar high pressure through glue injector

- Selector switch GLUE / WATER for cleaning of the glueing-system

- Control light for indicating the low volume of glue in the glue-pot

- 1 stainless steel pot for 5kg glue(1.5gallons)

- 1 stainless steel pot for 5 litre water(1.5gallons) for cleaning

- 4 castors to make the machine portable 

- incl.1 pistol for dowel-diameter 8.0mm dowel-length 25-50mm

- Voltage 220V/1Ph/50Hz


Include :

1 set of Modification-kit for dowel-diameter 10mm 

Should you not find any suitable machine, please drop us an enquiry.