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Bacci TTF Cut, Shape and Bore Machine

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Machine # EPU00167

Bacci TTF Cut, Shape and Bore Machine 


This machine is equipped with 3 rotating units.

Its solid cast iron frame of one piece ensures the maximum stability and a vibration free run.

All the different controls are collected on the electric switchboard.

By means of the different selectors on this switchboard, it is possible to make a choice of up to 7 automatic work cycles and well :

1. Cutting, Moulding and boring

2. Cutting and Moulding

3. Cutting and Boring

4. Moulding and Boring

5. Moulding

6. Cutting

7. Boring


Hydraulic regulator adjusts micrometrically the feed of the table. The table stroke is adjustable by means of cams gliding on guides.

The worktable is equipped with a bilateral guide which can be displaced longitudinally and tilted up to 45 deg. in both directions.

The table is adjustable in height and may be tilted, with respect to its horizontal surface, plu/minus 15 deg.


Technical Data

Cutting unit :

- Transverse adjustment : 40mm

- Motor power : 3Hp

- Speed of the circular saw : 3000rpm

- Dia. of the circular saw : 350mm

Moulding unit :

- Dia. of the spindle : 35mm

- Motor power : 5,5Hp

- Speed of the moulding spindles : 7500rpm

- Vertical adjsutment : 25mm

- Transverse adjustment : 70mm

Boring unit :

- Boring head with varibale distances between the centres : 15-18-20-23-26-30-33-35-40mm

- Cylinder stroke : 75mm

- Transverse displacement : 100mm

- Longitudinal displacement : 80mm

- Motor power : 1,5Hp

- Rotation speed : 3000rpm

General Data :

- Working pressure in the pneumatic circuit : 6/8 atm

- Total installed power : 7,5kw

- Dimension of the machine : 1970 x 1220 x 1230mm

- Net weight : 985kgs

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