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Josting Veneer Guillotine 2100mm

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Machine # EFU00163

Josting Veneer Guillotine 2100mm


Technical Features :

- Cuts of highest quality thanks to the

swinging and powerful drawing motion

of the knife at an angle of approx. 20 deg.

- Parallel fence with high-speed motor-

driven positioning, fine adjustment

- Broad pressure bar for pressing even

wavy veneer flat and level prior to


- The machine also cuts paper, foil, 

plastic and other materials

Cutting length : 2100mm

Insertion height : 55mm

Parallel fence range - 35mm - 650 mm

Pressure bar - Pneumatic

Cutter bar - motor, gearing, crank drive

Parallel fence - motor driven positioning

Electric power require : 11.5 kw

Dimension of machine : 3080mm x 1430mm


Should you not find any suitable machine, please drop us an enquiry.